Chèvre avec Herbes

Chèvre avec Herbes


Pour répondre aux attentes de nos clients qui plébiscitent tout particulièrement cette saveur, nous avons ajouté le fromage de chèvre aux herbes à notre assortiment en ligne. Ce délicieux fromage de chèvre contient différentes herbes comme du persil et de l’ail.

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Baby kaas


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My wife loves the garlic & herb flavoured goat cheese. She bought some, when she visited Amsterdam during late summer. Perfect gift for her!
Grahame has taken a school party to Holland and Henri Willig for over 30 years, I joined them for three years when I used to purchase the Goats cheese with garlic & herbs which is excellent. As someone who is dairy free this is an ideal cow cheese replacement, I enjoy it so much we came to Holland last year for a 10 day holiday and I purchased my Goats cheese as normal and since from the website. Thank you all for being such lovely people. :-)
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Henri Willig Baby Geitenkaas Kruiden/Knoflook 380g 50+/ Henri Willig Baby Goat Cheese Herbs/Garlic 380g 50% f.i.d.m.

Ingrediënten:  gepasteuriseerde geitenMELK, zout, kruiden 0.7% (brandnetel, bieslook, peterselie, knoflook 0.2% ), ui, microbieel stremsel, conserveermiddel (natriumnitraat), kaasculturen.
Ingredients:  pasteurized goat's MILK, salt, herbs 0.7% (nettle, chives, parsley, garlic 0.2%), onion, microbial rennet, preservative (sodium nitrate), cheese cultures.

Gemiddelde voedingswaarde per 100 g /Average nutritional value per 100 g:

Energie / Energy 1662/397 kJ/kcal
- waarvan verzadigde vetzuren / of which saturated
34 g
21 g
Koolhydraten / Carbohydrates
- waarvan suikers / of which sugars
< 0,5 g
< 0,5 g
Eiwitten / Protein 24 g
Zout / Salt 2,0 g

Allergenen: MELK
Allergens: MILK

Bewaarconditie: Koel bewaren; Na openen gekoeld bewaren.
Storage conditions: Store cool; After opening keep refrigerated.

Chèvre avec Herbes