Sublime Sheep by Jacob Willig - Wheel

Sublime Sheep de Jacob Willig - Rueda 50+


The Sublime Sheep has been selected by Jacob Willig. This rare Dutch sheep's cheese matured naturally for several months. It has a Rich and piquant taste. An extraordinary addition to your cheese platter!


Jacob explored the world before he started his work at the family company. Jacob selected the Sublime Sheep which is a rare Dutch sheep cheese. The Sublime Sheep cheese proves to be succulent cheese with a piquant taste. This cheese is a perfect addition to the assortment of distinguished Henri Willig cheeses. The perfect extraordinary addition to a cheese platter. Also delicious on a warm baguette or as a snack with a glass of red wine or red port.

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* Este es el peso original (de fabricación) del queso, pero a medida que el queso madura pierde peso y se vuelve más ligero.
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Sublime Sheep door Jacob Willig / Sublime Sheep by Jacob Willig
Ingrediënten:  gepasteuriseerde  Hollandse schapenMELK , zout, microbieel stremsel, kaasculturen.
Ingredients: pasteurized Dutch sheep MILK, salt, microbial rennet, cheese cultures.

Gemiddelde voedingswaarde per 100 g /Average nutritional value per 100 g:

Energie / Energy 1908 / 455 kJ/kcal
Vetten / Fat
- waarvan verzadigde vetzuren / of which saturated
39 g
24 g
Koolhydraten / Carbohydrates 
- waarvan suikers / of which sugars
< 0,5 g
< 0,5 g
Eiwitten / Protein 28 g
Zout / Salt 2,3 g

Allergenen: MELK
Allergens: MILK

Bewaarconditie: Gekoeld bewaren tussen +4 en +7 graden Celsius.
Storage conditions: Store cool between +4 and +7 degrees Celsius.

Sublime Sheep by Jacob Willig - Wheel