Hierbas & Ajo

Hierbas y Ajo


El queso de hierbas y ajo es sin duda el queso más popular entre nuestros clientes visitantes.  Este queso, también conocido como el queso dinamita, contiene ajo y varias hierbas deliciosas como perejil y cebollines.  Dice el rumor que las hierbas en este queso tienen un efecto estimulante en todas sus actividades.

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As we visited Amsterdam 2 Weeks ago, i have tried the Herbs with Garlic. Best i ever tasted. Brought Cheese with me home to Germany.
Next i ordered from here. Fast Delivery, but a Cooling Pack within the Package would be perfect.
I love the cranberry mustard and also the coconut cheese and garlic and herbs since buying it when in Amsterdam . So pleased I can order it online now .
Wunderbare Kombination von Kräuter, Knoblauch und herrlichem Gouda.
Wird nach 3 Wochen weiterer Lagerzeit bei Raumtemperatur noch besser und aromatischer. Weltklasse Käse. Nehm ich gerne immer wieder.
Since me and my fiancé visited your shop this September and bought there 5 different flavors, we came back home to Germany and already ordered twice herbs&garlic and truffles cheeses. I am not even kidding, those cheeses are the best in entire world!! Once you try it, you can't litterely eat another brands cheeses!

Henri Willig Baby Koekaas Kruiden/Knoflook 380g 48+/ Henri Willig Baby Cow Cheese Herbs/Garlic 380g 48%  f.i.d.m.

Ingrediënten:  gepasteuriseerde koeMELK, zout, kruiden 0.7% (brandnetel, bieslook, peterselie, knoflook 0.2% ), ui, microbieel stremsel, conserveermiddel (natriumnitraat), kaasculturen.

Ingredients:  pasteurized cow's MILK, salt, herbs 0.7% (nettle, chives, parsley, garlic 0.2%), onion, microbial rennet, preservative (sodium nitrate), cheese cultures.

Gemiddelde voedingswaarde per 100 g:

Energie / Energy  1612 / 385 kJ/kcal

Vetten / Fat

- waarvan verzadigde vetzuren / of which saturated

31 g

19 g

Koolhydraten / Carbohydrates

- waarvan suikers / of which sugars

< 0,5 g

< 0,5 g

Eiwitten / Protein 26 g
Zout / Salt 2,0 g



Bewaarconditie: Koel bewaren; Na openen gekoeld bewaren.
Storage conditions: Store cool; After opening keep refrigerated.


Hierbas & Ajo