Combinación - Clásica

Combinación - Clásica


Con éste paquete podrás degustar todos nuestros deliciosos quesos y escoger tus favoritos para ordenar la próxima ocasión.  El paquete incluye Gouda Natural Baby, Queso Pimienta, Queso de Hierbas y Ajo, Queso de pimienta, Queso de Oveja, Queso de Cabra y Queso Ahumado.

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  • Envíos a Todo el Mundo 60 Países
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After visiting the store in 109 Nieuwendijk, Anna was nice to show us many kinds of samples. it was great! I came back and ordered a combo classic & was delivered packed well. All at the Office/home sampled it and enjoyed them. Many are talking about ordering more with the discount coupon, great idea.Thanks for the experience, more orders coming your way. -Cheers!

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