Cheese with Fenugreek is a new cheese in our 'cheese line'. Fenugreek is a seed, which already in the year 1600 BC was highly praised because of its medicinal strength, Fenugreek-tea was known as a rejuvenation drink and the 'harem-ladies' mixed the seeds with a sweetener and olive oil to get a nicer skin. The taste of the Fenugreek cheese is very similar to cheese with walnuts and it is at its best at cocktail time with a good glass of beer.

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Baby cheese (380gr


  • Premium Cheese
    from Holland
  • The Best Overseas Quality
    for a Domestic Price
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  • Worldwide shipping to more than 60 Countries
  • Premium Cheese from Holland
  • The Best Overseas Quality for a Domestic Price
I was in The Netherlands this past April and did a cheese tasting at your location near Volendam. WOW! Loved the fenugreek gouda and bought 6 rounds, not nearly enough. Getting to order it online was great. I will be back in April of next year and will be bringing friends who plan to eat and shop your cheese, not to mention buying to bring home for further pleasure.
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Henri Willig Baby Koekaas Fenegriek 380g 48+/ Henri Willig Baby Cow Cheese Fenugreek 380g 48%  f.i.d.m.

Ingrediënten:  gepasteuriseerde koeMELK, zout, fenegriek 0.7%, microbieel stremsel, conserveermiddel (natriumnitraat), kaasculturen.
Ingredients:  pasteurized cow's MILK, salt, fenugreek 0.7%, microbial rennet, preservative (sodium nitrate), cheese cultures.

Gemiddelde voedingswaarde per 100g / Average nutritional values per 100g:

Energie / Energy 1612/385 kJ/kcal
- waarvan verzadigde vetzuren / of which saturated
31 g
19 g
Koolhydraten / Carbohydrates
- waarvan suikers / of which sugars
< 0,5 g
< 0,5 g
Eiwitten / Protein 26 g
Zout / Salt 2,0 g

Allergenen: MELK
Allergens: MILK

Bewaarconditie: Koel bewaren; Na openen gekoeld bewaren.
Storage conditions: Store cool; After opening keep refrigerated.